Uniform and Field Gear Essentials


  • M1940,M1942,M1943 Tunic and Trousers
    (Lost Battalions, 1944 Militaria or from any other recommended dealer)
  • M1940 Sidecap or M1943 Field Cap
  • Original, Reproduction, or Converted Jackboots (No East German) or Ankle boots with gaiters (Jackboots and ankle boots must have leather soles)
  • M1935,M1940, or M1942 Helmet and Camouflage Helmet Cover
  • M1940 Sidecap or M1943 Field Cap
  • Field Gray Combat Shirt
  • Tunic Belt Hooks
  • Cord End Suspenders
  • Socks
  • SS Camouflage Smock

Field Gear

  • Equipment Belt and Buckle
  • Y Straps
  • K98k Pouches
  • Breadbag, Canteen, and Mess Kit
  • German Mauser K98k
  • K98k Bayonet, Scabbard, and frog
  • Gas Mask Canister and mask
  • E-Tool and Carrier
  • Zeltbahn

Personal Items

  • Identification tags
  • Soldbuch
  • Combination Fork/Spoon
  • Gray Wool Blanket
  • toque

10th SS Panzer Division Frundsberg - 3rd Kompanie Aufklärungs Abteilung

WW2 German Reenacting